Some Links for Translators

Links page 1: Language dictionaries for English, German, Croatian and Slovene Language

Links page 2: Natural Science (animals, birds, dinosaurs, fish, fito, flora, wood etc.), Economy and Business, Chemistry, Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Food, Geography, Informatics, Library terminology, Logistics, Mathematics, Pharma, Medicine, Dental medicine, Metrology, Printing, Sports, Textiles

Links page 3: A small selection for Webmasters such as - Brushes, Button maker, Colour, Cover maker, CSS templates, CSS tutorials, Domain provider, Domain search, Favicon, Fonts, Ip, Java, Php, Pictures, images icons, Robot texts for websites, Search engine submission, Search engines, Security, Send big files, Serials, Software, Spam, Webmaster, MS office help, Word crowd maker, Xml

Links page 4: What is the news around the world?

Links page 5: Dictionary Publishers, Dictionary software and Tools, Terminology and Lexicography, various other links for translators

Links page 6: Links for searching animal and plant data

Links page 7: Some tools and sites for searching the web

Links page 8: Links related to Media: Advertising, Cultural Aspects, Film and Video, General, Internet and WWW, Print Media, Press Organizations, and News Agencies, Radio and Sound Recordings, Television

NOTE:Please, feel free to inform me about a link, that might be helpful to translators? Thank you.